Current R-I Lab members

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Brenda Cameron

Brenda is the lab manager and czar. In addition to working with us, she manages the Bay, Grosberg and Stachowicz labs as well, and is an award-winning lab safety expert.

Elli Cryan

Elli is a Plant Biology graduate student coadvised by Dan Kliebenstein, working on the evolution of gene networks.

Regina Fairbanks

Regina is a first year student in the Population Biology graduate group with interests including archaeology, genomics, and plant domestication.

Forrest Li

Forrest is a graduate student in Integrative Genetics and Genomics working on climate adaptation in maize as part of a large international collaboration led by CIMMYT.

Mitra Menon

Mitra is a postdoctoral fellow working on the evolutionary genetics of TEs. Her previous work focuserd on ecological and evolutionary genomics of conifers.

Sarah Odell

Sarah is a Plant Biology graduate student coadvised by Dan Runcie, working on evolutionary and statistical genetics in maize.

Alyssa Phillips

Alyssa is a Plant Biology graduate student working on environmental adaptation in big blue stem as part of the PanAnd project.

Julianna Porter

Julianna is an Genetics & Genomics major and the recipient of the Nieland Family Award to do independennt research on adapation in Tripsacum as part of the PanAnd project. .

Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra (he/him/his)

Jeff is a Professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology and a faculty member of the Center for Population Biology and the Genome Center.

Defne Sime

Defne is an undergraduate working with Mitra to udnerstand how indigenous language groups may have structured genetic diversity in traditional maize landraces.

Edwin Solares

Edwin is a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow interested in applying computational solution to problems in genetics and genomics.

Lab Alumni

Fellow of the R-I Lab: for >500 hours of scholastic fellowship

Current Collaborators

Genetic diversity in maize and teosinte * Jianbing Yan * Ning Yang

Evolution of Incompatibility Loci in Maize and Teosinte

Quantitative Genetics of Genotype x Environment Interaction

Evolutionary Genetics of Transposable Elements

Convergent Evolution in the Andropogoneae

Evolutionary genetics of highland adaptation in maize