Prospective lab members

If you are interested in joining the lab, please also see information on expectations for lab members.

Prospective Undergraduates

We are always interested in including undergraduates in our research. Undergraduate research can be for credit (via a 192 or 199) or as a paid position, depending on current research needs. There are a number of current research opportunities in the lab, but students with prior experience are also encouraged to develop their own independent research projects. A number of previous undergraduates have successfully published their work. If you are interested in work in the lab, please take a look at some of the recent papers from the lab and contact Dr. Ross-Ibarra with a CV, an unofficial transcript, and a mention of what you’re interested in working on, and we can set up an interview!

Prospective Grad Students

I am currently accepting graduate students through the Plant Biology, Population Biology, Ecology, and Integrated Genetics and Genomics graduate groups. If you’re interested in joining my lab, see my advice for grad school, read a few of our papers, and then contact me and send along a CV.

Prospective PostDocs

I’m always interested in recruiting talented postdoctoral candidates. In particular, I encourage people to contact me about writing postdoc fellowship proposals for NSF, USDA, CPB, UC MEXUS, or any of a number of other fellowship opportunities (see here and here for some nice lists). Please email me with your CV, and I’d be happy to discuss fellowship possibilities.